Visiting Hearts of El Paso

About Visiting Hearts in El Paso

Hi, my name is Joe H. Uranga, founder and director of Visiting Hearts. I believe that honesty and reliability is the recipe for success in any business. I can personally assure you that Visiting Hearts is committed to providing high quality service to all of our clients.

My Journey

Visiting Hearts is a small organization assisting individuals with companionship during difficult situations. This was a service my family and I suddenly found ourselves in great need of in November of 2009. After our father suffered a severe stroke, my family was forced through a journey that many others have had to endure alone. Not long into this journey I realized my father was a very blessed man. He had a devoted wife of 60 years and a family by his bedside from November 27, 2009 to January 22, 2011 the day our LORD called him into heaven.

The Necessity

Visiting my father in hospitals and resting homes, I made many new friends, young and old. Over half a year later I still visit some that remain in three different resting homes. They are the ones who's families and friends find themselfs in difficult situations, or simply to far away to visit with them on a regular basis. They are the reason I decided for myself to establish a compassionate visiting service where families and friends can find and choose just the right person to provide comfort and companionship to their loved ones. It has often been said, "the best ideas are those that arise from necessity," and I truely believe many families and friends today feel that same necessity we felt not to long ago; To be there for our dad and make sure his last days would not be the worst days of his life.

Visiting my new friends has taught me that just stopping by to check in on them is not enough. These are people that have stories to tell, opinions, hobbies, personal interests, dreams, ideas, and also unfinished business.

Doing what they do or did best is what gives them renewed hope, a sense of normality and love for life again. This is what Visiting Hearts is based on.

How It Works

The idea is to have our visiting members list their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, age, gender and language in thier own member profile. You, the client, can then visit our Member Profile section and choose a member or members that best match the patients own interests and lifestyle. Then just click on "request a visit" page and fill in the form. Tell us how you would like the visit to be conducted, what to bring up in conversation and what kind of materials may be useful to ensure mind stimulation and participation from the patient. You custom built, design and direct each visit. You can also request a report detailing the visit and points of interest you may wish to know of.

Our goal is to provide you a service that you can design and direct from anywhere at anytime.

My Pledge to You

"Visiting Hearts will conduct an honest and trusted business. Your instructions and concerns will always be given priority over our standards of doing business."

Don't let a hospital stay or resting home become a bad experience for someone you love. Send them the gift of hope and compassion.

Thank You for your interest in our service.